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My interest in photography goes back a long way.  When I was very young, my uncle was a photographer and had his own darkroom.  When I first watched a print appear on photo paper immersed in a tray of developer, I was hooked. 

Through years of college, graduate school and business, I had little time to pursue photography.  But, having recently sold my business, I'm doing that now.

The technology today is quite different from that long-ago darkroom, but the fascination remains.

This website and all photographs are copyrighted:

© 2024 JOHN SICHER PHOTOGRAPHY.  All rights reserved. 

If interested in buying a print or licensing use of an image, please contact me using the form at right.

The watercolors and drawings in Robin's Work are by my wife, artist Robin Kellner.  She owns the copyrights to those. © 2024 ROBIN KELLNER.  All rights reserved.


John D. Sicher

NYC, 2024

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